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Study: Stencil buffered light spheres

Warden Stencil buffered Light spheres

For Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth we wanted a very specific stylized look for our lights, that being lights without any attenuation, with clear hard lines where the light was and was not.

My solution to this was to not use traditional lights at all. Rather I opted to use mesh spheres that would draw into the stencil buffer only where there were already objects, that is objects that the mesh was overlapping.
This allowed us to apply an additive colour to the objects inside the bounds of the sphere. ​

This solution worked fantastically, both in achieving the goals of the art style and being a cheap fast solution. The results were so good in fact that we ended up being able to have far more "lights" in our scene than originally expects, greatly improving the visual style of Warden

Thanks to Alex Short of Wildgrass Games for technical assistance here.

February 16, 2017